About Us

India: the colorful and vibrant land is as diverse as Indian population. The mosaic of art and culture, the potpourri of tradition: India has many dimensions of colors, language, caste, creed, region and many other things which differentiate from one another. All these diverse differentiations speak unique unity of Indian culture.

Indian culture and the heritage of India are respected and admired all over the world. For keeping the Indian cultural values alive, AMO is dedicated to promote Indian art and culture. Culture is truly depicted by different forms: art, fashion, music, dance, drama, films, architecture & beauty. So, AMO bridges the gap of all the cultural differentiations based on colors, language, caste, creed, and region. As per unity in diversity, AMO has united different states of artists irrespective of all differentiations to launch this mega event: “ART MODA FESTIVAL” – a perfect amalgamation of art.

In this “ART MODA FESTIVAL”, organised in Delhi, “Travancore Art Gallery”, from May 28th to 30th, 2011, AMO has taken initiatives to cover all the following events.


  • All India Art Exhibition
  • Group Show
  • Art Camp
  • Art Moda Samman Samaroah
  • State Art Exhibition
  • Invite Section
  • Mega Kids Exhibition

AMO has taken many initiatives to fight against social ills like HIV/AIDS, Female foeticide, Child labour and many others. AMO is making this society aware by placing an HIV/AIDS Poster on t-shirts to promote this unique concept. In coming days, AMO would take steps further to come up with unique ideas to fight against social ills. Even AMO targets to use funds generated exhibition for social welfare and development of art and culture. 5% is broadly used for social awareness against AIDS Campaign. Another 5% is dedicated to boost the spirit of artists coming from rural side and handicapped section.

AMO is coming up to provide all the solutions to basic necessities of life say “Roti:bread & butter, Kapada:clothes aur Makan:homes”. AMO has a close vision of making a society of members who will feel freedom from all financial worries for a better lifestyle. For this purpose, AMO will come up with campaign for the same with a punch line- ”Chahe ho roti, kapada aur makan, AMO hai sabka samadhan”.

As per AMO’s future plan, delhibiennale and bharatbiennale would be two events which will focus all the artists to showcase their work periodically. Apart from all these events, Art Moda festival will appear into a National Mega Event which will cover art, fashion, music, dance, drama, films, architecture & beauty. This is just the beginning of Cultural Movement and this will continue…